Lucas Desouza

Software Engineer - Technical Consultant

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About Me

I'm a software engineer with a passion for my work. I currently work at American Airlines as an internal consultant leading delivery transformation dojos to help teams across the company improve their delivery process, implement TDD practices and migrate to the cloud.

Work Experience

American Airlines

Senior IT Consultant

Internal consultant coaching and mentoring teams on DevOps and Lean Agile/Product Management methods and best practices for the enterprise. Helping teams adopt TDD practices, implementing automated CI/CD pipelines and migrating off of legacy platforms.


Lead Engineer

Lead Engineer in the Product Technology team. Working on products related to automated batch processing and risk assessment of policies both new and renewal.

American Airlines

Software Developer

Lead developer on a product team in AAdvantage Loyalty. Building customer facing and internal applications that support the AAdvantage Loyalty program.

American Airlines

Operations Supervisor

Team Lead for AAdvantage Operations. Lead the team that supported and developed applications and servers that provided internal functionality to the AAdvantage Customer service team.

American Airlines

Quality Assurance Analyst

While working as a Quality Assurance Analyst for the AAdvantage Team I also developed tools to improve processes for back office teams and improved communication.

Personal Projects

Count My Breaths

A light weight ReactJS application built for people with pets suffering from heart disease. Pet owners dealing with this heart disease are supposed to keep track of their pet's breathing rate regularly and report it to their cardiologist. This app helps you count the rate and share with your cardiologist. For more information on this disease please visit The Mighty Hearts Project.

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Fantasy Oscars

A MERN stack application. This app was built for the 2019 oscars so that users could make their predictions and follow the results live with a running leaderboard. What started out as a fun app for our small group of friends to use at a watching party quickly gained 600 users over the course of a weekend. While the app is no longer running, you can still see the site below.

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A simple Angular application with a firebase backend built for teams looking for a quick way to point user stories. This tool was built with remote teams in mind, giving them a tool to use when sizing their work.

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